general conditions
of sale


‘Barring unforeseen events’ is always understood and failure to comply with them does not give rise to any compensation. 


Unless otherwise agreed, by express mention in the order confirmation, the quality and dimensional guarantees of the products supplied must only comply with the provisions of the L.T. Lamiere Tagliate SPA product brochure. 


Given that the Customer has the obligation to check quality and measurements before use, any complaints concerning the materials supplied must be communicated in writing within 90 days of their delivery.

Only clearly identifiable disputed materials will be considered at the time of delivery.

If the complaint is accepted, the replacement (if possible) or the reimbursement of the price paid, limited to the quantity found not to conform, will be at our expense, with exclusion of any other expenses for processing costs or any other reason.

A pending complaint shall not suspend the commencement of payment periods.


A customary tolerance of 3 per thousand is permitted on the weights declared by us; complaints documented by public weighing and noted on the transport documents will be taken into consideration. 


Unless otherwise agreed, mentioned in the order confirmation, the packaging is invoiced ‘tare weight’. 


Any delay in payments, in respect of the deadlines mentioned in the order confirmation, in addition to the debiting of default interest at an annual rate equal to the ‘ABI Prime Rate’ plus 5 points, will authorize us to suspend all deliveries and to demand the immediate payment of all invoices even if not yet expired, and this without prejudice to any action to protect our interests. 


The order is automatically accepted if within 3 days. if a cancellation is not given by L.T. Lamiere Tagliate SPA. 


The deadline to cancel current orders shall be understood as 10 days from the confirmation of the same. 


For any dispute arising from the transaction referred to in these general conditions, the Court of Padua will have jurisdiction.